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Digitally Accessible Home System
Savan Shah

Published in: International Journal of Scientific Review and Research in Engineering and Technology
Volume- 1, Issue-1, pp.10-16, Dec 2015
DPI :-> 16.10069.IJSRRET.2015.V1I1.1016.135

Digitally Accessible Home System contains with low cost and wireless remote devices. Home digitization is a house or living environment that contains the technology to allow devices and systems to be controlled automatically. It may also assist and provide support in order to full fill the needs of elderly and disabled in home. Also, the smart home concept improves the standard living at home. The main control system implements wireless Bluetooth technology to provide remote access from smart phone, tablet via Android environment. The design replaces the existing electrical switches with digitally controlled switches and provides more safety control on the switches with low voltage activating method also convectional regulator will be replace by digitally controlled dimmer device which provide accurate control wirelessly. System also contains smart wireless door lock for enhancing home safety .The system intended to control electrical appliances and devices in house with relatively low cost design, user-friendly interface and ease of installation.

Key-Words / Index Term
Bluetooth module 2.0, Dimmer switches, Zigbee, At mega 328p, At mega 2560, Microcontroller

How to cite this article
Savan Shah , “Digitally Accessible Home System”, International Journal of Scientific Review and Research in Engineering and Technology, 1, Issue-1, pp.10-16, Dec 2015. DPI:16.10069.IJSRRET.V1.I1.135