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Ketki P. Kshirsagar*

Published in: International Journal of Scientific Review and Research in Engineering and Technology
Volume- 1, Issue-6, pp.31-36, Oct 2016
DPI :-> 16.10069.IJSRRET.2016.V1I6.3136.1348

Signal processing concepts are often presented in a very mathematical and abstract format. A common solution is to provide a hands-on laboratory to illustrate applications of abstract concepts. However, hardware-based digital signal processing (DSP) laboratories – which are typically incorporated into senior-level signal processing courses – usually emphasize programming the DSP chip rather than exploring algorithms and applications. This paper is a report on the familiarization process of the TMS320C6713 and the implementation of digital signal processing projects. This gives us added advantage of easily writing codes on MATLAB and implementing it on the DSP processors.

Key-Words / Index Term
Digital signal processing, TMS320C6713, Features, MATLAB tool, DSP processor.

How to cite this article
Ketki P. Kshirsagar* , “DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING ON TMS320C6713 DSK: REVIEW”, International Journal of Scientific Review and Research in Engineering and Technology, 1, Issue-6, pp.31-36, Oct 2016. DPI:16.10069.IJSRRET.V1.I6.1348