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D. Sundarasekaran, Sivakamasundari. N*

Published in: International Journal of Scientific Review and Research in Engineering and Technology
Volume- 2, Issue-2, pp.1-10, Feb 2017
DPI :-> 16.10069.IJSRRET.2017.V2I2.110.1368

To control the parameters of the water treatment plant, and then used as feed water for boilers. Here we are dealing with Reverse Osmosis Plant. This control involves the controlling Temperature, Pressure, Flow, Conductivity, PH, Redox, Level, Turbidity, Stroke / Speed of Dosing Pumps, Starting / Stopping of Motors and Chlorine. It basically deals with control of the process when the specified set values or ranges. If not able to control / maintain the values, then the system will go for shut down. In this system Field Control System (FCS) performance packed in to a Personnel Computer (PC). This is a powerful, full-scale distributed control system in a desktop. Unmatched cost-performance featuring extensive control and engineering functions, the ultra-reliable, expandable system. The system test function allows you to build a controller on a PC. Open system based on windows PC. Running other windows based applications. Open communication with Field Instruments. Ultra fast data updating and Process supervision from remote office at any time is possible.

Key-Words / Index Term
DCS, Process Industry, Fieldbus, Field Control System.

How to cite this article
D. Sundarasekaran, Sivakamasundari. N* , “ADVANCED FIELD CONTROL STATION FOR PROCESS PLANT AUTOMATION”, International Journal of Scientific Review and Research in Engineering and Technology, 2, Issue-2, pp.1-10, Feb 2017. DPI:16.10069.IJSRRET.V2.I2.1368